Warning: Facebook Scam

Money-making schemes are, generally speaking, a bad idea. Especially those that promise high returns on low investments, and Ponzi/pyramid schemes, and ones that sound a little too good to be true.

Yet people still fall for them. In a comment on a post by Ethan Vanderbuilt warning about the dangers of the ‘MMM Global’ scam, one person who has been taken in by it (scammee?) wrote a couple of paragraphs about how trustworthy it is, and how people should be using it instead of banks.

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How To Manage An Online Community

I’ve been setting up, managing and administrating forums since about 2004. Currently, my work includes the management of two online forums, both devoted to professional issues. I am also a member of several others, and have a vague plan to maybe set one up within the next twelve months.

So, with a view to making these forums more likely to succeed, I did some research on things that work well. Here’s what I found.

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