If I join you as a freelancer, how much work can I expect? 

That depends on your specialism. We have a lot of ongoing work for writers who work in English, and only very occasional projects translating Russian, for example.

How does being a freelancer with you work? 

You’re an independent agent, so you won’t be employed by Bohemiacademia. You’ll just do some work for us when required, get paid at the end of the month, and hopefully enjoy the process.

When we receive a brief from the client, it’s sent out (BCC) to all relevant freelancers, and whoever gets back to us first saying they can do it, gets the project.

I’ve never done any freelance writing / translation work before, but I think I’d be good at it. Can I still work with you? 

Sure. When we have brand new freelancers join us, we pair them up with an experienced person, who checks their work and gives feedback. This helps newer freelancers get a foot on the ladder while still making sure we’re delivering a high level of work to our clients.


If I get a quote from you, will you continually chase me until I cave in and buy your services? 

No. That’s not how we work.

How about spam lists, will you sign me up to one of those? 

No. We will not use your email address for anything other than contacting you about the messages you send us.

I think your rates are too expensive. 














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