Freelance Life At Bohemiacademia, Week 31

Mercifully, it is a bit cooler here this week. I am no longer suffocating in the London office (and the cat is back home, where she belongs), but I am still buried under piles of work. I’m thinking about hiring an intern to help out with a variety of smaller tasks, so if you’re interested or you know someone who might be, let me know.

If you’re new here: Hi, I’m Scar, Founder & CEO here at Bohemiacademia. I do a whole bunch of things, including working from our Kensington office a couple of days a week.

Here’s what the team has been up to this week.

Today is the last Monday of the month, aka payroll day. I still run all the financial side of the business myself, so it’ll be a late one in the office today making sure everyone gets paid. Naturally, the last Monday of the month also seems to be the day when all our clients want to have meetings, and today was no exception.

I began this morning by going to visit a client who needed some writing and proofreading services. He also wanted a tutorial on Microsoft Office, which isn’t something we usually offer, but since I was there and I know how to use Powerpoint, I was happy to oblige. And I found this cute bug on the way over to his place:

I arrived at the office about half an hour before today’s second client showed up. He’s someone for whom Bohemiacademia provides typing and filing services – again, slightly outside of our usual remit, but if we can help, we will! I spent an hour or so helping him with some letters and printing, and then he left me with a bunch of files to sort and went on his way.

The next client meeting of the day was via Skype, with one of our biggest clients, to decide on content for the upcoming month. We work on a few projects together, so there’s always a lot to catch up on.

And finally, directly after that call I had a Zoom call (now that Apple has fixed the bug that allowed Zoom to spy on users!) Incidentally, if you don’t already have some kind of small privacy screen covering your camera when you’re not using it, I recommend doing so now. It doesn’t have to be huge or boring: mine is a cute unicorn cat sticker, cuz that’s how I roll.

The freelancers will be eagerly awaiting their assignments for August; I usually send out assignments towards the end of the preceding month if I can, to give them all time to meet the invoice deadline on the 25th of each month. Some people run on month-to-month contracts doing the same things each month; others (generally the writers) have different things they do each month, so I need to update them. And then once I’ve run payroll and updated HMRC and done the accounts and queued up some more content for a couple of clients, it will be time to go home and hang out with my cat.

What have you been up to over the last week? Leave a comment below, or drop us a line to commission a project or get a quote.

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