Freelance Life At Bohemiacademia, Week 27

The year is flying by and getting hotter as it goes, at least here in London. We’ve seen record temperatures this week: 34 degrees on Saturday in West London, where I live. Luckily I managed to escape for the day and get into a nice cold sea down in Brighton, although about half the population of London had evidently had the same idea, so I spent a significant portion of my day baking on the M25 and begging my car not to break down. Today I’m back in the (mercifully air-conditioned) office.

If you’re new here: Hi, I’m Scar, Founder & CEO here at Bohemiacademia. I do a whole bunch of things, including working from our Kensington office three days a week.

Here’s what the team has been up to this week.

I have been having nightmares with HMRC’s new ‘Making Tax Digital’ malarkey. As a VAT-registered company, we have to do VAT accounts and submit the numbers once a quarter, which is fine. Or it was fine, until HMRC changed everything and now we need to pay for an extra service, just in order to submit our taxes. Which makes no sense, but oh well. Ours is not to reason why, etc.

Aside from the tax nightmares, things have been OK. No new clients this week, but lots of productive conversations with current ones, and a meeting set up with a sporadic client who hires us only a couple of times a year. I’m hoping to get them back more frequently.

Over on Forensic Focus, Christa wrote a round-up of the Techno Security and Digital Forensics Conference in South Carolina, USA. We are happy to attend conferences on the behalf of our clients, live-tweet throughout, and write up the happenings once it’s all over. To find out more about our conference coverage packages, drop us a line. We have specialists in several industries, including tech; finance; healthcare; travel; food; accessibility and disability; and green lifestyle.

We’ve started writing a daily round-up of industry news for one of our clients, which is going down well so far. Again this is something we’re happy to take on; it can be a great way to demonstrate that your company is at the forefront of your industry and on top of all the latest news.

As well as our flourishing social media management team, we also have a few people who manage the more old-school forums. Although these are going out of style on the whole, there are still specific ones in different subindustries that are alive and well. I spent some of this week weeding out spam from a client’s forum, approving new members, and drawing attention to important threads. Forums can also be a great place to get ideas for content.

Steve and Liz wrote industry round-ups for our clients looking at expat life, international finance, healthcare, and the dreaded Brexit. As well as the industry round-ups, our lovely team of writers (Amy, Debbie, Jen, Lana, Liz, Lou, Rhiannon, Sam and Steve) wrote in-depth articles on a variety of topics, from the cost of living in Portugal to LGBT+ life in Singapore. Meanwhile Jade was writing reviews of tech products, and Johanna was busy proofreading.

We also work with audio and video formats. This month Brad has been editing videos that were taken at a conference: making them less shaky, giving them better audio, and adding intro slides. The videos will then be transcribed by Jackie, Garreth and Christa, our trusty transcribers; and then we’ll post them on our clients’ YouTube channels and on their sites.

The lovely Carlie has worked on a few podcast episodes this week, including this interview with Karen Wilmot, a virtual midwife. Again, all our podcasts are transcribed for accessibility (and SEO!) and posted on our clients’ sites as well as on popular podcasting sites.

Emma, Louise and Kathy, our social media dream team, have been keeping things ticking along over on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

If you’d like to find out more about our services, or to commission a project, drop us a line!

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