A Quick Weekly Round-Up

This week’s round-up will be shorter than normal, because it’s been a long day and I still need to run payroll.

If you’re new here: Hi, I’m Scar, Founder & CEO here at Bohemiacademia. I do a whole bunch of things, including working from our Kensington office three days a week.

What have we been up to this week? A lot of things!

I’ve been sensitivity reading a novel for a major US publisher. It has some Romani characters and they were concerned about cultural awareness. It makes me happy to see that things like this are getting more attention nowadays; sensitivity reading is an important part of editing a manuscript if you’ve included characters from a minority culture that’s not your own. We cover sensitivity reading for a whole bunch of topics, so get in touch if you think you might need this. Generally we charge around £250-£300 per book, depending on the length and the nature of the topic.

Kathy, who manages all our clients’ Pinterest accounts and does a lot of our Facebook group management, has had a well-deserved week off, so Louise stepped up and did some extra work in her stead. Then at the end of the week Kathy broke her arm, so she might be out of action for another few days. But never fear: that’s why we have a whole team of freelancers to look after your social media needs. We’re all wishing Kathy a speedy recovery!

Louise, Rhiannon and Melissa have been looking after our clients’ Facebook groups and pages: all bar two, which I manage personally because they’re the ones I’m most interested in. One is a group for expats in London and the other is a page for a digital forensics website. Between the rest of the team, we manage around 100 groups and pages for clients.

Emma’s been keeping our Twitter and Instagram profiles updated, and we have a new social media person coming on board soon: watch this space!

Plus of course, all the usual articles have been written, podcasts created and transcribed, videos uploaded, and so on.

If you’d like to come and work with us but you don’t yet have experience in any of the areas listed above, we’re looking for an intern! Ideally London-based but we have the potential to be flexible once you’ve done the training (we will pay you for the days you’re here training too, because we’re not arseholes). Interested? Check out the job description.

Drop us a line if you’d like to commission a project.

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