Where Has Winter Gone?

I am one of those strange people who love winter. When the days get shorter, darker and colder I rejoice. While everyone else hibernates, I go for long walks in the cold. And in the summer, when other people throw open their windows and dust off their bikini bottoms, I yank the curtains closed and want to stay in bed.

This year it’s incredibly mild for the middle of February, and I feel like I’m being cheated out of winter. This, coupled with the extra-long, extra-hot summer we had, is making me a bit grumpy.

And then I had to spend an hour on the phone to HMRC this morning, which will never ungrump anyone. So on the whole, it’s been a grumpy week. But there are nice things happening too. 

If you’re new here: Hi, I’m Scar, Founder & CEO here at Bohemiacademia. I do a whole bunch of things, including working from our Kensington office three days a week.

This week I’m sitting on a very exciting piece of news, but you’ll have to wait until next week to hear it because the contracts aren’t quite signed yet. In the meantime, one contract that is signed is with a brand new sensitivity reading client. I’ll be reading a novel that includes Romani characters, much like I did for K.C. Lannon’s two novels a while ago, and including notes for the author about how to make sure the content is dealt with in a culturally sensitive way.

What have we been up to this week? Garreth and Jackie transcribed some videos and podcasts for clients; the videos were taken by Michelle, and the podcasts created by Carlie. We had a pleasant email this morning from someone who’s been listening to our client’s podcast and enjoying it a lot, which is always nice to hear. You can find the Expat Focus podcast, hosted by our very own Carlie Bonavia, on ExpatFocus.com or wherever you usually listen to your podcasts.

I put together a couple of news round-ups in the computer crime fighting community arena; Liz wrote a Brexit round-up for one of our European clients; and Steve wrote a round-up of general expat news. We also post monthly round-ups of news in the financial and healthcare sectors for some of our clients; get in touch if you’d like us to create monthly round-ups for your site.

I proofread a few articles, and Johanna proofread quite a lot more, and together we tidied them up and readied them for posting across our clients’ sites. Meanwhile our writers were putting together content in time for this month’s deadline, which is creeping up on us.

Over the next few days we’ll be working on books, articles, round-ups, forums, social media management, transcription, translation projects, and a whole lot more. Watch this space! And drop us a line if you’d like to commission a project.

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