Keeping Warm In The Office

It’s the start of the second month in our new office, and so far we can still afford to keep the heating on. This is good news: a small business isn’t an easy thing to be, and we had to do some financial scraping to rent the office in the first place, but thanks to a nice bank manager we did it and we’re in.

If you’re new here: Hi, I’m Scar, Founder & CEO here at Bohemiacademia. I do a whole bunch of things, including working from our Kensington office three days a week.

Last week we took on a couple of new clients, one for transcription and the other for translation. 

Vanessa translated a few pages from English into French for a company that needed help with its French SEO, and hopefully we’ll be working with them more throughout the year.

I did some transcription for an elderly gentleman who wanted his handwritten letters typed up a while ago, and now it seems to be an ongoing gig which is quite fun. It’s not a huge earner but it keeps Davide the office flower face topped up.

Over on Forensic Focus we’ve been managing the forums and the social media, and posting some digital forensics articles.

Garreth has been hard at work transcribing some fairly muffled video footage from a recent conference, which we’ve gradually been posting on various sites and across a couple of relevant YouTube channels.

I’ve joined the organising committee of DFIR Review, a new initiative in digital forensics which allows for peer review of less formal texts such as blog posts and articles.

Emma’s been keeping clients’ Instagram profiles going, including one for people moving abroad – the sunnier countries are proving popular at the moment due to it being wintertime in the northern hemisphere!

Meanwhile Kathy has been maintaining the Pinterest account for the same client: when she started the account had 30 followers; within the first year it grew to 12.5k; and we’re up to a whopping 14k already at the start of year two.

We created several monthly round-ups for clients, as well as a few newsletters. The round-ups can take whatever form you require: some prefer bullet point lists of relevant news in the industry, others prefer long-form articles broken up by headings, and still others like to see their round-ups posted directly into their Facebook groups so people can interact with them more easily. Our round-ups are written by industry experts: currently we’re writing on the topics of Brexit, finance, moving abroad, healthcare, tech and digital forensics, but if you’re looking for another subject just let us know.

I interviewed Jacqueline Silva about a new school that’s recently opened up in Portugal, and we wrote several other articles for our expat information client this month too.

As well as writing articles and managing Facebook groups, the ever-busy Rhiannon put together a comprehensive competitor report for one of our largest clients, and looked at relevant topics of discussion across social media. This means we can inform the client on which subject areas would make helpful articles for their readers; and of course, we can write the articles for them too!

Want to commission some work? Get in touch!

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