New Year, New Office

Eek, it’s January: the month of making & breaking resolutions, and trying to reassure your body that you’re done with all the cheese and chocolate and you will in fact be eating vegetables sometimes now.

January’s a funny month for the team, because traditionally it’s quiet client-wise but it’s been very busy in terms of work peripherals. So while we haven’t had a huge amount to do per se, I have spent excessive amounts of time in the office, setting up. 

For those of you who are new here: hi, I’m Scar, Founder & CEO of Bohemiacademia and the person who writes most of our blog posts. You can find my personal blog here.

So, what have we been doing in the first week back?

Personally, I have been setting up our new office in Kensington, with some help from Hippy Poppins (check her out if you want a beautiful costume or outfit handmade for you). It’s a small office, because it’ll mostly just be me working in it on my own. We have about 50 freelancers, but they all work online from wherever they want to work: beaches, coffee shops, their houses, whatever. This is our office:

It’s not quite done yet, but it’s getting there. I spent fifteen hours here on Monday catching up on my Christmas backlog and having calls with clients to discuss plans for this year; and now it’s Friday and I have once again been here since 6am, but hopefully from next week my working hours should be a little more reasonable.

On Monday I sent out this month’s work to the freelancers – not as much as normal since we’re still signing off with some clients, but enough to keep things chugging along.

One of our clients commissioned a brief guide to renting property in Brussels, which we posted on Wednesday. It was written by Amy, one of our lovely freelance writers who has lived all over Europe. Wherever possible, we make sure people have personal experience of the subjects they’re writing about to add authenticity and a more knowledgeable tone.

Meanwhile Carlie put together a podcast featuring Phill, who followed his dream of moving abroad to set up a guest house in the French countryside. It was then transcribed by Jackie to make it accessible for those who prefer reading.

Garreth, one of our tech experts, transcribed this video about the trustworthiness of digital forensic evidence for DFRWS. We posted it on social media and on Forensic Focus, one of the main digital forensics hubs.

Speaking of Forensic Focus, we also do some work for them: I spend some time every week moderating their forums, and Swasti wrote an article about malicious network traffic.

Today Karine, one of our arts & culture writers, will be helping with some content for KOFMA, a local music festival; and I will be looking through some ideas for Kensington & Chelsea Foodbank and helping them out with social media.

That’ll do for this week; I’m sure next week will bring its own projects. In the meantime, I’d like to give a shoutout to all our social media managers who work tirelessly to keep things going, even over the holiday period: Kathy on Pinterest; Rhiannon, Melissa and Louise on Facebook; Emma, Beth and Sophie on Twitter and Instagram; Lou and Jade on LinkedIn. A lot of people don’t realise just how much of a specialised skill social media management can be.

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