Is It Winter Yet?

Things are getting quieter here at Bohemiacademia as the year gradually draws to a close. Winter is my personal favourite time of year – I love how fresh everything feels when the air is cold, especially in the mornings, and the dark evenings make my house feel cozy and cocoon-like. Except that I’m renovating, so currently it’s more like a cocoon of dust.

The French translation team gets by far the most work of all the translation teams – quite why this is, I’m not sure. Over the past week or so they’ve been translating and proofreading documents for clients in the aeronautical engineering sector.

Social media remains a focal point of the business, with freelancers working across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus for several clients. Currently we manage over 200 Facebook presences, including profiles, groups and pages. As you can imagine, this takes a concerted, coordinated effort to keep running each month, but most of our freelancers have several years’ experience in managing social accounts so for them it’s no problem. Often our freelancers have been members of their specialist social network since it was first founded, and have followed the various bugs, features, improvements and user irritations over the years.

But words are our first love, of course. Our writers have been turning over articles in the travel and lifestyle sectors, as well as a few special features for Hallowe’en and fireworks night. Once an article has been written, it gets sent across to the proofreaders and editors for a check before it goes to the client. Some clients prefer us to send articles to them, which they then post; other clients prefer to just give us access to their websites and let us post and share articles ourselves. We strive to be as flexible as possible as we understand that each client’s needs will be different. If there’s one thing freelancers understand, it’s the importance of flexibility!

This week I’ll be focusing on some business admin, especially in the area of finances – I need to chase a couple of late payments and make sure our accounts are all up to date.

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