What we’ve been up to this week

Hello everyone! How are you? I’d assumed no one was really reading these weekly missives, but we’ve had a couple of enquiries over the past few days coming through the site so perhaps people do look at them after all.

Today in London the sky looks like this:

This seems to be making some people assume it’s the apocalypse, but of course freelancers deal with all sorts of weird stuff on a daily basis so a little apocalypse won’t stop us working.

It’s been a busy week here at Bohemiacademia – or perhaps I should say ‘everywhere at Bohemiacademia’, since we don’t have a single office.

I’m writing this from my home office, which is in my kitchen, smushed up against the fridge-freezer. On the desk next to the to-do pile is a speaker, which is currently pumping out a cheesy 90s playlist. DON’T JUDGE ME IT’S KEEPING ME GOING. There’s also a bunch of flowers and a card with a pink flamingo wearing sunglasses. All of these things are making me smile as I go about my day.

Other freelancers will be working from their kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, local coffee shops, libraries, coworking spaces… all over the place. In a few weeks’ time we’ll be starting an interview series in which freelancers will be giving you a glimpse into their lives, so you should be able to see where people work from and how they structure their time.

In the meantime, however, we’ve been working on a number of projects.

Our French translation team have been very busy this week. One client needed a full website translation; one needed a full website proofreading service; a third needed some documents translated with a very quick turnaround time; and a fourth needed a bit of editing. The projects have all been completed now, and are being compiled and sent back to the client today.

Carlie has been busy interviewing people for a client’s podcast; this week she’s focusing on health insurance and life in the Netherlands. Once she’s done, our transcription team will take over and type up the interviews for the hearing impaired.

Our social media team have been hard at work as always: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn are the accounts we’re currently managing for our clients.

Of course, writing makes up a huge chunk of our work too; this week Garreth, Debbie, Nichola, Steve and Bella have been sending over features to be proofread by Johanna before being posted on our clients’ websites.

Scar has been interviewing people about digital forensics, pitching projects to potential clients, and having calls with current clients about plans for the next few months.

Want to commission a project? Get in touch

Think the freelance life might suit you? Drop us a line

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