Welcome To Our New Freelancers!

We’ve welcomed two new people to the team this week: Johanna, who will be helping with writing and proofreading; and Jackie, who’ll be working on transcription projects.

Besides our newbies, the rest of the team has been working hard too. Vincent is translating some French documents for a tech client; Scar is proofreading in English and French for two large websites; and our writing team is churning out articles like the machines they aren’t.

Social media management makes up about 50% of our business, the other 50% being devoted to writing, translation and proofreading. This week Kathy has been managing our clients’ Pinterest accounts, including one that has a whopping 113 boards! That’s a lot of pictures.

Marie has been scouring the internet for articles that may be of interest to our travel client’s readership. One of the best ways to improve your social media presence is to share the love – find people who are writing about subjects your readers might enjoy, and share those too. This works especially well if you tag the people whose posts you’re sharing; often it opens up a conversation and may lead to future collaborations. If nothing else, it demonstrates that you’re keeping up to date with the latest news and views in your field, and helps to establish you or your business as an expert in your area.

Louise, Rhiannon, Kathy and Melissa have been managing our clients’ Facebook accounts. With almost 200 groups and pages to deal with, this is a big job, but they’re keeping on top of it. Spam is one of the most prevalent problems on Facebook groups, so we’ve been doing some research on how to limit this issue for our clients.

One of the best ways to limit spam is to add questions for members. This means that whenever someone asks to join your Facebook group, they have to answer up to three questions before they’re allowed in. Their answers can then be viewed by administrators, who can filter out the spammers. Of course this method isn’t 100% foolproof – on the internet, nothing is – but it does help to get rid of the worst offenders. You’d be surprised at how honest some potential spammers can be!

Emma has been hard at work on our clients’ Twitter and Instagram profiles, sharing interesting content and having conversations with readers. She also queues up posts for some of the Facebook groups and pages.

We’ve had a few podcasts commissioned this month, which Carlie is currently working on. She’ll be interviewing people about their jobs and their experiences of life abroad.

Once these are done, they’ll be sent over to Garreth and Jackie for transcription. At the moment our transcribers are busy typing up videos of talks at conferences that took place earlier this year.

Want to commission a project? Get in touch

Think the freelance life might suit you? Drop us a line

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