Happy October!

We like to celebrate autumn over here at Bohemiacademia. Or rather I do, and I’m the one writing these weekly round-ups, so you get to celebrate too.

New Facebook Admin Feature

One useful new Facebook group feature is the ability to ban someone from multiple groups. Facebook have been gradually improving their anti-spam measures on groups, and this week’s is another welcome change. If you manage a lot of groups, like we do, you’ll sometimes notice that one person will sign up to several of them. This might be for a legitimate reason, but it might be because they want to spam your members with multi-level marketing scams or annoying ads.

Whereas previously your only options as group admin were to delete and block the member and remove any posts and comments from the past seven days, a wonderful new option has appeared at the bottom of the little pop-up box:

“Apply these changes to other groups that you manage or moderate.”

This means you can now delete Andy the Annoying Advertiser from 24 groups at the click of a single button, rather than having to go through each one and manually remove him.

What We’ve Done This Week

This week we’ve worked on our usual projects, and a few more bits and pieces besides.

Most of our monthly work relates to social media. Kathy has been keeping our clients’ Pinterest accounts updated and fresh; Emma has been looking after Twitter and Instagram; Louise, Kathy, Rhiannon and Melissa have been managing Facebook groups and pages like it’s going out of style.

Scar did some proofreading – 24 articles in total – for a couple of clients.

Other than that, we put together some word clouds for a client who wanted to see what expats are interested in. One focused on Portugal, one on Spain, and one internationally. The word clouds themselves took a very short time to put together, but the research that went into them took several weeks. The idea was to find out what people search for the most when they’re moving abroad. You can find the word clouds below; if you’re interested in the full results, drop us a line.

We also audited a mobile website for one of our clients, looking at the user experience and how it could be improved.

Garreth transcribed various files – some conference videos which Michelle had recorded; a couple of podcasts Carlie had put together; and a few webinars from our clients.

Now I’m off to have some client calls and see what this week has in store for the team. See you next week!

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